• PK Point more than 200 will activate death drop.
  • Guild War having 2 hours cooldown time.
  • Adjusted four classes PVP damage for game balancing, will work on more balancing in further updates.
  • Purchase Uma King Voucher from cash shop to summon Uma King in D Button without charges for 4 hours.


  • Sabuk Owner Buff increase from 10% to 30%.
  • Guild Admin limit to two person.
  • PK point more than 50 have chance death drops.
  • Guild War having 2 hours cooldown.
  • Increase Assassin base damage.
  • Purchase Uma King can get one “Uma King” item, once holding the “Uma King” item redeem Uma King in D button wont deduct 25 Game Gold.

2020-08-2 4:00AM:

  • Fixed Wings Outlook
  • Wizard Changelog
    • Cannot use Magic Shield and Superior Magic Shield at the same time
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